A sponsor is a high school graduate, or older, who has come with his/her church to serve as a guide, chaperone, mentor, etc. There should be at least one sponsor for every 10 children, being sure there are adequate sponsors for both girls and boys. The duties of a sponsor include: 

  • Read and be familiar with all camp guidelines, rules, and schedules.
  • Inform children (at cabin meeting) of these rules and schedules.
  • Help children be on time for scheduled events.
  • Sit with children during worship services and help them to focus. Eternal matters are at stake.
  • Accompany children to and from all venues to assure their safety.

Ministry Safe Training Information from Oklahoma Baptists

Optional for 2024; but will be a requirement in the future.

Adults coming to ACC can take MinistrySafe training at no charge through Oklahoma Baptists. There are two training courses available. The first is the Sexual Abuse Awareness course. The second is the Peer-to-Peer Abuse Awareness course.

The video courses are taken online at your convenience. To receive a link to watch one or both courses, please contact Andrea Kelley at akelley@oklahomabaptists.org. Please let her know your name, email address, the name of your church, which session of ACC you will be attending and which course(s) you would like to take.