When you arrive at camp and make your way to the MEC to register your church for camp these are the things you can expect and what you need to have ready:

1. Background Checks and Form: It is required to bring a copy of all background checks (anyone 18 years or older that are staying overnight) to registration including the ACC Background Check form.

2. Medical Release Form: Everyone attending camp must fill out the appropriate Medical Release Form. At registration please turn in the orginal Medical Release Form, but keep a copy for your cabin in case of an emergency that requires you to take a camper directly to the hospital. Please make sure the forms are ALPHABETIZED. 

3. Registration Form and Pay: Use the appropiate registration form. DO NOT fill out the bottom portion of the form. ACC does not accept credit or debit cards, please have cash or check. (Please make checks payable to ACC and not to Falls Creek; Oklahoma Baptist Churches $55 per person, and Non-Oklahoma Baptist Churches $70 per person.)

4. Wristband and Car Tags: you will receive wristbands for each sponsor and camper that need to be labeled with Name, Church, and Cabin. Car Tags are given for each person in your cabin that drove to be placed in each car. 

5. Information and sign-ups: Ushers, Encouragers, Mission Fest, and Recreation.