April 2019   
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Every camp, school, youth program or children's ministry activity should enrich the life of the child, while ensuring his or her safety. Protecting a child from sexual abuse requires an overlapping system of protection. We recommend the implementation of a five-part system of protection, including:

    Sexual Abuse Awareness Training for staff members and volunteers
    Skillful Screening Training, Processes and Forms
    Appropriate Criminal Background Checks
    Effective Policies and Procedures, tailored to individual programs
    Systems for Monitoring and Oversight

Although each element of the system provides a degree of protection, one element alone will not sustain a protective environment for children or teens. Each element is designed to interlock with other elements, creating internal checks and balances within the system. All elements interconnect to provide a protective environment for children and students.

Associational Children's Camp works with Ministry Safe (www.ministrysafe.com) to do all we can to protect our Children.