The following plan is for Inclement Weather during summer camps. 

1.During times of potential inclement weather, the weather is monitored by the leadership staff of FallsCreek Baptist Conference Center via media outlets and computer. Communication is alsomaintained with local law enforcement and emergency management officials to monitor the weather.

2.When inclement weather is approaching emergency sirens will be sounded to inform campers toreturn to their cabins. Falls Creek Courtesy staff will assist in communicating to the campers toreturn to the cabins and the individual groups in accounting for campers.

3.In the event of severe weather, at the sound of one continuous siren, campers are to move immediately to the nearest cabin or building, get in the innermost room on the bottom floor, and waituntil the “all-clear” signal is sounded. The “all-clear” signal will be when the siren repeatedly goeson, then off. Falls Creek Courtesy staff will assist campers in returning to their group and theindividual groups in accounting for their campers.